British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about his experience of illness Covid-19. According to the head of the office, his condition was so severe that doctors were preparing for the death of his senior the patient, and even considered the scenario of the “death of Stalin”, that is, the announcement of the death of the head of government.

“It was a difficult time, I will not deny, – told the newspaper The Sun on Sunday, Boris Johnson. – Was the strategy of the scenario “death of Stalin”. I wasn’t in the most beautiful form, and knew that there were plans in case of unforeseen circumstances.”

“the doctors had different ways of doing things, if something goes wrong – says about his illness, the British Prime Minister. They wore my face mask that I received liters and liters of oxygen.”

Boris Johnson admits that at first, after learning in late March that he had a test for coronavirus was positive, he kept giving problems, not knowing how serious will be the disease. He was resettled from his bride Carrie, who was pregnant and settled on the isolation in the apartment above Downing street, while continuing to work at full speed.

“the fact that I did not recognize the obvious, – says the Prime Minister about the beginning of their disease, so that worked, and continued to hold meetings by video conference. But, to be completely honest, I did feel pretty sedated”.

“I was just in a bad form and couldn’t recover, continues Boris Johnson. – Then doctors began to worry… I was told that I should go to the hospital on St. Thomas. I told them I didn’t want to the hospital. To me it didn’t seem like a good idea, but they were pretty adamant. Looking back, the doctors were right, that made me go to the hospital.

Boris Johnson, along with two guards went near the Prime Minister’s residence, the hospital where he was given oxygen and was supplied with a tube under his nose. But it was not enough – that’s when the Prime Minister, whose condition continued to deteriorate, put on an oxygen mask.

the Seriousness of their situation, he realized, really, when Johnson hooked up to monitors and was transferred to intensive care.

Johnson tells me he’s at peace – perhaps for the first time – his own death. He has already got in the past in the hospital, usually with injuries sustained while playing Rugby: “I’ve broken my nose, broken finger, broken wrist, broken rib. I have broken almost everything… But I never had anything more serious than that… All I remember is just a disappointment. I couldn’t understand why I am not getting better. I was just incredibly upset because my blood counts kept going in the wrong direction, and I thought, “there’s no remedy�� and there is no healing.”

During his struggle for life in the hospital of St. Thomas in April, Boris Johnson, he said, kept asking myself, “How do I get out of this?”

He recalls: “it was Hard to believe that just a few days my health has deteriorated to such an extent… Bad moment came when the situation was 50-50 and I was going to put into the windpipe up.”

But in the end for Boris Johnson, all ended well, “in three nights, thanks to the wonderful work of the medical team, I returned to a General ward without the need to connect to a ventilator. I was lucky, because many people suffered much more than I do.”

As we know, has not yet recovered from coronavirus 55-year-old Boris Johnson to return to his Prime Minister’s duties after an illness that was expected pleasant event. His 32-year-old bride Carrie Symonds gave birth to a son. The child was named Wilfrid Laurie Nicholas. His mother in his Instagram said that these names were chosen in honor of the grandparents of the boy and two doctors who treated Boris Johnson in the hospital, where he was contracted Covid-19 – Dr. Nicholas price and Dr Nicholas HART.