Intelligence officials, the US said that Russian special services were offered to militants in Afghanistan, the reward for killing American soldiers.

This is the conclusion the scouts came analyzing 20 kills in 2019. This information was conveyed to the American leader Donald Trump and representatives of the national security Council the White house. The authorities discussed a number of options to counter such measures. In particular, they discussed the notes of protest and sanctions pressure.

However, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov denied the allegations.

If someone can prove this, then we will reply, quoted by The New York Times.

On 29 February, the leaders of the Taliban (organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia) signed a peace agreement with the United States promising to start talks with Afghan authorities. The Pentagon began preparing the Afghan contingent to the conclusion. However, this step did not lead to the cessation of hostilities.

Wrote Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on may 12 ordered an offensive against the Taliban, noting that two months of the truce the militants more than 2.8 thousand attacks.