In the ranking of the most quality cars Tesla took the last place. The study was conducted by analytical Agency J. D. Power. The survey involved owners of new cars — they had to report all defects three months after purchase. The highest quality recognized the car brands Dodge, Kia and Chevrolet. Tesla ranked only 32nd place — electric vehicles has identified 250 problems per 100 vehicles.Founder and CEO of Tesla Club Moscow Alexey eremchuk in an interview with “Kommersant FM” agreed that the owners of electric vehicles often face similar problems: “Indeed, there is a problem painting. Sometimes machines come with some scratches on the bumper. As for the gaps, we, the owners of electric cars don’t really pay attention because we like the car, clean technology, motor. That is, if before, buying German cars, we love good skin, good buttons, now it doesn’t matter. I care how the car rides. I personally and our clients do not consider this to be a problem, we understand that to buy a Tesla, where uneven gaps, the main thing, what for it is very good.”To Tesla many times there is a claim for motor vehicle safety. Especially after the crash in 2016, then driving the Model S driver was killed. This was the first fatal traffic accident when the car was on automatic pilot — the computer does not recognize the obstacle on the road and did not include braking. The investigation revealed that the car was defective. However, the algorithm of the autopilot then all the same changed. In a study by J. D. Power, owners of the Tesla complained about the technical condition of new cars. And minor defects the company will not be correct until there is high demand, says CEO of the “Electromobility+” Oleg Timashev: “Initially it was all about, and the Tesla is not in a hurry to liquidate, because the demand is there. If Tesla demand has fallen due to the fact that they are poorly painted, I think, then there would be some action taken. We must not forget that Tesla is purely American car, and the Americans, they have never been famous for the fit of body parts, that is, for them it’s all secondary. American culture is paramount, as the car goes 400 meters to go faster, how many seconds to accelerate, how much power the engine develops. Initially Musk knew what he was doing the car — primarily for the American market”.In Russia, Tesla has no representation. But you can buy a car from unofficial dealers. They have top of the line Model of company Y is 6 million rubles depending on the delivery terms and specifications.Sergey Protsenko