“Some do not respond for two weeks, and I don’t even know their emails. In German we have asked to solve some puzzles, and social studies – keep a diary of the epidemic in our land Hessen” – shared with the portal Spiegel online high school Deborah from Frankfurt secondary school, which on a nose final exams.

Sounding the alarm and parents. “I actually had to become a teacher for my nine year old daughter. No digital learning, all of these innovations at our school is not in sight. In my opinion, this is a huge disadvantage, said “RG” Claudia from the city of Falkensee. I pass courses of improvement of qualification for their work, we remotely advise, arrange video conferences, send e-materials. For children nothing is done. Every day I figure out how to motivate the child. I have the feeling that we were alone.”

Similar sentiments Christoph Fischer from Stuttgart, whose story leads Spiegel. Man became a real guru in the matter of home schooling, because he has four children scattered across three different schools. The sixth class, which is his middle daughter, a man very unhappy: once a week on each subject come her faceless forms with boring jobs in the keys with solutions – error. Parents explicitly stated that they would have to check the lessons of their children. “They say that teachers now do at home with my own children, students they have no time! I feel they will return to work fairly well-rested,” says the father of many children. However, Gemini has a third grade things are much better: the teacher always answers all questions by email and asked not to hesitate to call her directly.

examples of teachers-enthusiasts from the whole soul given to the experiment, a lot. “Now I often see his students in their pajamas,” he told Spiegel homeroom teacher tenth grade in the district school of Hamburg. It not only twice a week talks with the guys on Skype, but cares about those who have no home computer or limited access to the Internet. For example – the children of refugees living in the dorms. For them the teacher comes in, prints out there a stack of sheets with exercises and sends by courier to addresses. In response, the students send her screenshots of answers to the smartphone. Her colleague from the Münsterland before the quarantine had a conversation with all the wards and made up for each individual lesson plan. And she arranges the children are real, though virtual recess on which to exchange friendly letters, lists, ideas and even pie recipes.

But even more than children, in living fellowship is bored… the Director of the Hamburg elementary school björn Langenus. In an empty Assembly forLe he equipped the television Studio, hired two operators and using them removes commercials about the life of Alma mater in quarantine. “Night owls show” which every night out on the YouTube channel, looking forward to not only his students and colleagues. “Pedagogy is my calling. My door was always open for all. And now I spend all day alone in his office, I spend all these calls… So my show is the only outlet that returns me to memories of a normal life” – quoted by Spiegel sad Director.

a Difficult time not only for the conventional educational institutions, but also for music. “RG” talked with Tina Klaus, Director of one of these schools. “I teach piano. Now we have the whole team trying to figure out how to organize the educational process in new conditions. Honestly, it’s very difficult, admits Mrs. Claus. It’s impossible to learn music, instrument only remotely. We, adults, also very difficult not to see guys. Lately I do a lot of thinking about the fate of culture, which in the epidemic suddenly appeared in the backyard. Everyone is talking about restaurants, stores, hospitals, but about the cultural institutions seemed to have forgotten. And it causes me great concern”.