5 may 1945 ended the Bratislava-Browska offensive operation, the troops of the 2nd Ukrainian front, which was completely liberated Slovakia and part of Moravia.

on this day revolted the inhabitants of Prague, who took possession of the post office, Central telephone exchange, the building of radio stations and the bridges over the Vltava.

Another uprising occurred in the Mauthausen concentration camp (Austria). It had destroyed more than 122 thousand people, including 32 thousand Soviet citizens. On 5 may, the prisoners seized weapons caches, and disarmed the guard. Came to the aid of American troops.

Among those released were Yevgeny Vasilyevich Moiseyev, a native of Rostov-on-don, arrested in 1942 for assisting partisans. On this day he said to himself: “I am free, I survived. Now I’m back in the name, I am a person, not a number.”

For these words did not spare their forces soldiers and officers, each of whom hoped to return home to civilian life with its little joys. Letters to the front and from the front served as a bridge between war and peace.

“On the trees the buds have not blossomed,”

on 5 may 1945 the 4th guards tank army of the 1st Ukrainian front, was hurrying to the aid of Prague, the foreman of medical service Anna Nikolaevna Osipova (1923). A letter written on this day brother, Alexander greetings from her parents and Sene (Semyon Ivanovich Vedenskogo, future husband) she will have after the war.

“Hello, dear Anya!

the Helmet you purely cordial greetings with best wishes in your young life fighting, and most importantly, to be healthy and to come home in Victory! Changes we have no news too. <…>

Dear Anya, I’m sorry for writing nonsense, but what to write? The time spend exclusively at home. My dad’s at work, come to us only Marussia and Slavik. Emails yet from anyone not received. Maroussia, and my friend also say that you are in the photograph turned out well. Slavik liked the rifle, but we, of course, the second.

today’s Weather is wonderful, clear, warm. On trees kidneys have not yet blossomed, but as you wrote above, we have in the garden green Lily of the valley, but without the flowers. Recently planted squash, all greens will be more.

goodbye for now. I send you greetings all relatives and friends. Also say hi to us from the manger and all your fighting friends and comrades. Tightly you kiss. Remain, your loving dad, mom and brother Sasha. Come forward!”

Anna Nikolaevna and Alexander Osipov born in the city of Buzuluk Chkalov (now Orenburg) region. My brother was older sisters for 11 years. Alexander went to the front in September 1941, discharged in 1944 after a concussion. Anna law��sludge war in Prague surgical nurse surgical movable hospital 5252. For rescuing the wounded and caring for them were awarded the medal “For military merit”. With her future husband Anna Osipova met at the front. S. I. Vedrinski, a native of the village of Sokur, Saratov region, worked with her in the hospital, the head of the garage. Awarded the Order of Glory of III degree and the medal “For courage”. Anna Nikolaevna died in 2014 at the age of 90 years.

“Our banner is already over Berlin”

the years of the war wrote letters home Alex G. Smolensky (1917-1988), a native of the village of Upper Bulay Irkutsk region. In 1941. defended Odessa. Then there was Stalingrad, the Arctic and the long-awaited battle for Berlin. Awarded order of the red Star and many medals. On the front was his brother.

on 5 may 1945 Alexey Smolenskiy sent another letter:

“Mom, our banner is already over Berlin, and now, here, the end of the war, and there is, of course, soon and very soon will meet their sons…”.

Mother many years of carefully preserved letters son. After the victory of the former commander of the battery 94 th infantry regiment, 21st infantry division Alexey returned to civilian life, have raised two sons.

Publication was prepared by the staff of the Center “Holocaust” Ilya Altman and Svetlana Tikhankina