One of the main problems faced by the US President Donald trump on a background of pandemic coronavirus, was the inability to hold mass meetings with the electorate, which ensured him success in the elections in 2016. It is reported by CNN.

According to the TV station, meetings were one of the main and most effective tools of staff trump to attract voters in the previous elections, and that they bet in the current election campaign. However, due to the country’s existing constraints associated with coronavirus, the American leader in recent months has managed to spend just a few public events, some of which took place in a closed format. The rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which the President’s team had high hopes, has not justified expectations: the event was attended by significantly fewer people than expected at the headquarters of the trump, and a few members of the American leader involved in the organization of the rally, eventually contracted the coronavirus.

As revealed in an interview with CNN, one of the advisers to the President, the rallies have important psychological value to trump. “He needs meetings, as a kite needs the wind… He can’t win without the protests,” — said the interlocutor of the channel. In addition, according to him, such meetings allow staff to gather an extensive database of potential supporters of the policy, and it’s not just about the loyal fans of trump, but those who vote rarely, and is a special value to the team President, working to increase turnout in the upcoming elections.

Another positive effect of mass rallies is that due to their conduct trump gets more free coverage of his campaign on television, including local channels. As a result, he manages to get even to those voters who are often not adequately addressed during the election campaign.

According to CNN, the headquarters of the trump still hope that in the near future, the President will still be able to hold the required number of mass meetings with the electorate. At the same time, emphasizes the channel, time up to the elections, there is less, so the team of the current American leader has to resort to more traditional methods to lure to his side as many voters. In particular, staff has hired about 1.5 thousand trainees, whose task is to work with potential voters and their telephone calls. In the words of trump’s advisors, the campaign has become the most extensive of those that are ever held, the candidates from the Republican party.

Earlier in July, trump revealed his strategy for victory in the presidential election in 2020. According to the President, he will be able to circumvent his main rival, a potential Democratic candidate Joe Biden thanks to the “silent majority”. In particular, trump referred to the “great surveys” and noted that among his supporters there is “more enthusiasm than the election of 2016”.