Residents of Belgium urged to eat more French fries, or “Frit” as it is called in the French manner here to support the country’s economy against the background of the pandemic, according to British news Agency Press Association.

currently, the Kingdom remains closed all restaurants, bars and cafes, local producers of tater tots suffer huge losses. According to experts, the damage important to the economy sector may be about 125 million euros. The demand for the Frit has fallen to a record low. In terms of quarantine, the locals prefer the side dish more healthy foods with less salt and fat, not to gain extra pounds.

as a result, the leadership of the Association of potato producers Belgapom appealed to the public to support local farmers and eat more fries. “During his 30-year career, the first time I had to ask for help,” – said the head of the organization Romaine Kools.

Recall that French fries were invented in the North of modern Belgium – in Flanders – in the XVI century.