Russian Academy of arts presents the film, the memory of “Premonition of Victory”, dedicated to 75-anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Among the heroes of the film – academics – veterans of the Russian Academy of arts, laureates of the Union state Sergey Tkachev and Alexey Tkachev. They shared memories of his youth, which was broken by the war, about life at the front, combat wounds, dreams about the future and about the Victory.

the Stories of veterans of the great Patriotic war with a new and unique footage of the recordings from the archives of Mosfilm, the Leningrad documentary film Studio and the Studio CSDF.

National artist of the USSR, the brothers, winners of the Union state prize in literature and arts for a series of paintings “the Native land”. Alexei Petrovich and Sergei Petrovich Tkachev – write two brushes. Its joint Commonwealth, they began seventy years ago, in 1948, creating the sketches for the famous painting “the Children”. And since then work together. Sergei Petrovich 97, Alexei Petrovich 94, together they form a creative tandem of “the Brothers”.

the series “Native land”, which was awarded the prize of the Union state, is eight paintings, eight heartfelt stories, most of which is devoted to war. The youngest of the brothers, Alexey, during the occupation worked at the Ural plant, and Sergei went to the front. Among his awards – the order of the Patriotic war II degree, medals “For courage”, “For military merit”, “For victory over Germany”. Discreet tragedy tkachevsky paintings comes from there, from the war years. Their works are in the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, in museums of the United States, Italy, China, where Tkachev adore. Especially a lot of their paintings in America – 350 paintings. In the post-perestroika period they were given the state prize of Russia for the cycle of works “They fought for the Motherland” .

Before the war, Mr. Jackson studied at the Vitebsk art school and here he was in the first German bombing. Retreated along with three friends from Belarus. After the war, the parents of artists settled in the village is Low, Minsk region. Sergey Petrovich told us that here they matured as artists. After graduation Tkachev was again in Belarus, their creative home.

– With Belarus we have 10 years of life, – has told the senior Tkachev. He studied in Minsk the Union of artists there took, participated in the decade of the Belarusian art at the Academy of fine arts in 1955 was awarded a medal for labour honors.

the Village is Low in the Minsk region – the famous Belarusian birthplace of the Belarusian Esenin – Pavluk Coward. We’ve got a lot of sketches for two famous paintings – “Pouring” and “box planes”. To us then was a queue of boys to pose.

Alex was lucky it is the 25th year of birth, should be at the front, but studied at the famous Moscow art school for gifted children. Her students were released from the army Korzhev, Ivanov, Alexei Tkachev had to fight, but they kept the frames of culture cherished. I was Chairman of the Union of artists, member, and he was not in leadership positions – and suddenly saw it as a teacher and offered the leadership of the creative workshop of the Academy of arts. Among them Kolupaev, Belyutin, Teapots…

We were born in Bryansk in turchesca areas, our landlord was a poet Tyutchev. His lines: “These poor villages, this meager nature – the native land of patience, the edge of you Russian people!” – about our region. Our grandfather served 25 years in the tsarist army and fought for Sevastopol, and when he came from the war, Tiutchev put it in the village headman. It is called so Wand the word “wand”. Father was a “gizlenen” and we – “getlat”. That’s where we spent our childhood. We walked in sandals, ran to school to study for two kilometers, and then moved to Bezhetsk, where his father worked as a Turner. My father had a grade two education but he read all the classics. Our mother gave birth to 10 children, two not remember – they are a child died and 8 children were growing up before our eyes. Four of them graduated from primary school in the village, and we – city. Father said: “Children, take care of the Soviet government, without it we would be shepherds”. And we have in the family – the two scientists, one by the rector of the Chita pedagogical Institute, another brother, Victor Provost… All the people.

the conversation takes Alexei Petrovich: “In 2007, the phone rang. Called Colonel Petrov of the Moscow military enlistment office: “Tell me, please, somebody from the old Tkachev alive?” I said, “I’m alive. There are older”. – “Sergei Petrovich still alive?” – “Alive!” – “Found it award – the medal “For courage”. Mr. Jackson was summoned to the Kremlin, where among the ten veterans awarded him. Then he said, “the war did not ask, young or old, party or not, believer or unbeliever, Russian or Georgians… We are all equally responsible for the fate of the Motherland. “

the 6 parts of the film can be viewed throughout the month on the YouTube channel and the official social media of ARTS by tags: #Predchuvstvuete #of filmproduction