August 9, in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to official exit polls, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won in the first round. His main rival Svetlana Tikhanovski said it was confident of victory. After the polls closed, the country began protests and clashes with police and Riot police. What is happening in Belarus now — in an online broadcast of “Kommersant”.2:17. The interior Ministry of Belarus has officially confirmed the use of water cannons and stun grenades. However, according to representatives of the Ministry, the police were forced to do it. It is reported TASS with reference to the MIA of Belarus.2:11. Nexta reports that in Brest detained people are brought into the garages. Telegram-channel suggests that the places where to put people, is not there.2:08. As reported by telegram-channel Nexta, citing the words of eyewitnesses, in Minsk the riot police threw stun grenades people. One of the protesters ripped chest. Wounded people taken away in an ambulance.2:06. In Minsk internal troops dispersed protesters in the yards, reports “RIA Novosti”.2:04. In Lida, Hrodna region, riot police lowered the shields, but then the city brought in reinforcements. For several hours the demonstrators and riot police stood opposite each other, then from the crowd came “I’ll see you tomorrow!” — and all began to disperse, reports “Says Moscow” referring to Belarusian media.2:01. “More or less working only mobile communications”.The mobile web is dead, it is impossible to use landline Internet provider works more or less only using different VPN and proxy servers, is more or less working, only the mobile communication, it is impossible to obtain normal no frames, no video from the event.1:54. Staff Tikhanovski barricaded, according to Sputnik of Belarus. Shut all Windows and doors for fear of detention.1:53. Day detained journalists of TV channel “Rain” Vladimir Ramensky, Vasily Polonsky and Nikolay Antipov was taken to Russia. This “Mediazone” said Polonsky.Photo: Sergei Grits, AP1:50. Ambulance takes away from the scene of the clashes and protesters, and police officers, the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”. The journalist Pyotr ruzavin, state restoration Institute on the air of “Rain” reported that they were hospitalized at least 10 people.1:46. On the streets of Minsk again heard shooting.Photo: Sergei Grits, AP1:44. Storojevskiy on the street landed a large group of internal troops — about 20 trucks, according to Sputnik of Belarus. Security forces towards the protesters. People trying to avoid arrests, flee to the nearest parks.1:42. The entire staff of the Belarusian police transferred to the strengthened mode, involved additional forces, according to the interior Ministry of Belarus.1:41. Press Secretary Svetlana Tikhanovski Anna krasulina, the TV channel “Rain” to the question about what will be doing tomorrow Tikhanovski��I said, “There would today still hold”. According to her, Tikhanovski is with people on the street, she was “in the midst of the situation,” however, is said about new protests.1:40. The human rights movement “Spring” reports that in Minsk today have been detained 47 people, in regions 119.Photo: Sergei Grits, AP1:30. “Police monitoring the situation on an unauthorized mass events”, according to BelTA, citing the interior Ministry.1:26. Correspondent of “Medusa” reports that the theater named after Gorky was blocking part of the crowd and threw tear gas. People shout “We can’t breathe!”1:25. A large group of protesters goes along Independence Avenue from Oktyabrskaya square to the Victory square, the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”.1:23. According to the Belarusian media, as a result of collisions at the intersection of Masherau Avenue and Timiryazev street is injured. A rubber bullet hit one of the girls in the face.1:20. Armed security forces blocked the main street of Minsk — Nezavisimosti Avenue and go towards the demonstrators.1:16. Reported mass protests in the mining town of Soligorsk, where the enterprise “Belaruskali”.Photo: Reuters1:15. As the correspondent of RBC, the protesters in Minsk again began to erect barricades on crossing of streets Nemiga and Romanovskaya Sloboda. In this area, security forces used stun grenades.1:10. According to local media, in Kobrin riot police laid down their shields. Earlier it was reported that in a number of cities (Minsk, Lida, Baranovichi) riot police also refused to fight with people. Photo: Reuters1:02. Minsk police did not confirm the use of water cannons and stun grenades, and has no information about the victims — “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the police Department of the Minsk city Executive Council.0:59. According to radio station “Moscow speaking”, in Novopolotsk the demonstrators chanted “Police with people!” and playing football in front of a group of security forces.0:57. Svetlana Tikhanovski appealed through the portal the security forces, urging them to stop the violence.”I want to ask the police and the troops to remember that they are part of the people. And ask your constituents — prevent provocations, no need to give a reason to use violence to you. I know that the Belarusians will Wake up tomorrow in a new country and hope that tomorrow will be only good news. Please stop the violence. First of all, officers, I know you can do it”, — said the candidate in presidents of Belarus Tikhanovski.0:53. Sputnik of Belarus said that the people in Minsk off the streets, but the correspondent of “MBH media” denies this information. The spokesman of the interior Ministry of Belarus Olga Chemodanova argued that many of the posts on the Internet are not true.0:51. As previously reported by the correspondent of “MBH media,” van deliberately drove into protestosuYu in Minsk the crowd. One person was injured. Later witnesses said at least three victims of the accident.0:47. The leaders of Poland and Lithuania called on the Belarusian authorities to refrain from violence and respect freedom.0:45. Protesters at the Nemiga (Minsk region) ask riot to lower the shields.0:40. Near the Stela “Minsk-hero City” as a result of clashes with security forces injured one person correspondent A large group of people began to assist him. Riot police threw several stun grenades. Almost all have suffered.0:36. Security forces took full control of the area of the Old city in Minsk, displacing the bulk of the protesters, reports TASS.0:35. Recall that in the Republic in the morning recorded disruptions in the Telegram, YouTube, Google services and instant messengers, as well as information resources. It was reported unstable operation and low-speed mobile and fixed Internet from multiple providers, Provider, MTS, Life, “Kosmos TV”. Minsk residents said the radio station “Moscow speaking” information blockade: the city cut off the Internet, social networks, instant messengers and online news sites are not working through VPN and anonymizers.0:32. Svetlana Tikhanovski with a large margin won the election of the President of Belarus at a polling station in Warsaw, the head of the electoral Commission Alexander czesnowski.0:31. The security forces fired at demonstrators in Minsk, reports media. Allegedly firing rubber bullets.0:29. In Brest, clashes with the security forces, the correspondent of “MBH media”.Photo: Reuters0:28. Powerful explosions were heard at the intersection of Masherau Avenue and Storozhevskaya street, rises a cloud of smoke, reports “RIA Novosti”.0:25. As the “Present time”, in Bobruisk, riot police lowered the shields and took off his helmet.0:25. Central election Commission of Belarus declared Lukashenko’s victory in all regions of Belarus, who reported on the counting of votes.0:23. The headquarters of the presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski announce its victory at the 20 polling stations in Minsk and Minsk district.0:22. Sputnik of Belarus with reference to the medical service reported about victims in Minsk, several people taken to hospital. According to rough estimates by local media, has suffered at least seven people.0:21. In Minsk, two journalists suffered. Beaten operator Associated Press Mstyslav Chernov, according to the headquarters Svetlana Tikhanovski, is now being taken to the hospital. The correspondent of “MBH media” Alexander Skrylnikov touched by a stun grenade. He felt bad to see him hurt your ears, the publication reports.0:17. The interior Ministry of Belarus announced the creation of operational headquarters in the Ministry and all departments.0:16. According to “RIA Novosti”, the law enforcement officers used against protesters tear gas, batons, pepper spray and stun grenades.0:14. After dispersal tothem out of the square people began to take to the streets in different districts of Minsk.0:13. Central election Commission of Belarus has published the final data on the turnout. 20:00 it is made up of 84.05% and was the lowest since 2001.0:07. It is reported that the entrance to the city of Brest is completely blocked.0:07. The police ousted the protesters from the square near the stele “Minsk — hero City”, transfer “RIA Novosti”.0:05. In Minsk, the protesters have built barricades of trash cans. SWAT prepares to storm the barricades, using water cannon to disperse protesters throwing stun grenades at them.0:01. The interior Ministry of Belarus holds meeting of the operational headquarters in connection with the protests in Minsk.