For the right to become the sole supplier in the creation of state information system (GIS) “Safe city” for MOE are fighting the structure of “Rosatom”, the Federal guard service (FSO) and a joint venture of Rostec and “Rostelecom”, found “Kommersant”. The project in the short term will require 14 billion rubles, and its total cost can reach 97 billion. smaller developers are afraid to attempt to monopolize the “Safe city” and asked to abandon the idea to assign the project to a single contractor.Association of software developers (reason) “national software” was sent to the presidential administration (AP) a letter with a request to prevent the monopolization of development of hardware-software complex (APC) “Safe city”, follows from the document, which read “y”. The letter was delivered to AP 3 Aug. “The planned provision of a single contractor to a wide range of goods, works and services will lead to monopolization of the market of agrarian and industrial complex “the Safe city” to the detriment of the development of the information technology industry of the Russian Federation”,— said in the letter. The authenticity of the “Kommersant” confirmed the Executive Director of the ARPP “national software” Renat Lachine.”The concept of construction and development of agriculture aimed at addressing a range of issues, ranging from the neutralization of the bio-social and environmental threats to unlawful interference in the operation of public transport. Transfer of such a huge number of tasks one artist, as a rule, leads to a decrease in the efficiency of their implementation, not least due to sectoral specificities. And at the same time leads to the consolidation of huge amounts of budget resources in the same hands”,— explained “Kommersant” Mr. Lashin.As reported by “Kommersant” on 17 July, the Ministry of emergency situations in the framework APK “Safe city” plans to create a GIS that will be a common contour of the databases of the Ministry and will bring together disparate IT systems already operating in several regions of the elements APK. Only in 2021-2022 years the project will cost 14 billion rubles, and by 2030 — 97 billion rubles. the Likely source of funding for nutsprogramme “Digital economy”. The MOE has allocated 690 million rubles on research and development work. The struggle for the revision of the “Safe city” from potential contractors escalated, according to sources “Kommersant”.According to one of interlocutors of “Kommersant” itself as the only provider APK already offered MOE subordinated FSO FSUE “STC “System”” (developer platform “Legislation of Russia”, as well as a number of solutions for the legal portals and document management systems). “STC “System” together with ANO “Dialogue” (engaged, in particular, information support of combat coronavirus from the state.—”B”) is currently working on replicationwound management centers region (sdgs) and wants to include the entire program on the “Safe city” in the draft sdgs. In fact, the “System” wants to take all of the work on agriculture”,— said the source “Kommersant”. In the STC “System” did not respond to a request “b”.The contract for the revision of the “Safe city” and want to get the structure of “Rosatom”, says Kommersant’s source close to the discussion of the project. According to him, one of the divisions of the state Corporation plans to adapt solutions for security of nuclear energy for civil sector. According to sources, “b”, it is about JSC “RusAtom Infrastructure solutions”. “Yes, we are considering this opportunity (to become the sole supplier.— “Kommersant”). For us it will be essentially a continuation of the work that we are now at the level of municipalities and some regions,” confirmed “Kommersant”, the representative of the company. On its website States that it has launched the platform “Smart city” in Murmansk, Tomsk, Sarov, and Zheleznovodsk.In the MOE, “Kommersant” reported that the “preparation of proposals for the definition of sole supplier is one of the options.” In the disposal of “b” is the draft report of the EMERCOM of the Russian Federation President on the rationale for the selection of a single supplier, sent for approval to the government. It States that the most preferred candidate for the development of a GIS for “Safe city” MOE considers “National technology” (NT). It is a joint venture concern “Automatics” “Rostec” and “storage Center” of PJSC “Rostelecom”. In the NT did not respond to a request “b”.In the MOE report indicates that NT already acts as the competence center “Safe city” and “rostec” with “Rostelecom” successfully launched in the regions of the individual elements of agriculture, and offers to support the initiative on determination of NT the only executor of the project.Nikita Korolev