Protesters in Portland (Oregon USA) staged a March to the building of the police Association and set it on fire. It is reported by The Oregonian.

Video, published in the Telegram-channel “Warmonger”, removed the demonstrators, followed by police. On shots it is visible smoke.

The marchers came to the building of the police Association, rushed inside and made a big fire. Law enforcement officers have used stun grenades and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd. At night, however, most people dispersed. Police said that during attempts to push back the crowd, injuring three officers.

In dozens of U.S. cities and other countries since the end of may, held a protest against police brutality because of the death in Minneapolis of a black guard to George Floyd, who died after a rough arrest. In some cases, the protests ended in riots, clashes with police, looting, looting and riots.

Amid protests, U.S. President Donald trump has decided to sign an Executive order, the purpose of which is police reform. She will aim to motivate police departments to use modern standards in the field of the use of force. It is also planned to strengthen cooperation between law enforcement and social services. Social workers will be involved in working on cases involving drug addicts and the homeless.