In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory over fascism and the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Russian geographical society (RGS) representatives of the Center PRO in Belgrade has stepped up efforts to find and protect the Russian cultural heritage in Serbia, in particular, monuments to the heroes of the red army, laid his head on the Balkan ground in the fight against Nazism.

“on August 17 we will organize a volunteer campaign for putting in order of memorials to those killed during the Second world war. The planned upgrading of the running of the territory around the monument in the village Lestane in the vicinity of Belgrade, the Yugoslav heroes and red armies killed in the battles for the liberation of the Serbian capital”, – told the “Russian newspaper” the Director of the Center PRO in Serbia peacefulness Milincic.

the Professor said that the monument was erected by local residents in 1958 as a sign of gratitude to those killed in the fighting in this area from 16 to 22 October 1944. On one side of the monument contains the names of 11 of Yugoslav soldiers, and the other 7 soldiers (for poorly preserved fragments of inscriptions, you can restore the following data Romanchuk V. (1897), Czestochowski Andrey Gerasimov (1905), Sergei F. (1925).

Milincic also added that the planned restoration of the monument to the red army soldier Mikhail Ustinovich (1918 – 22.10.1944) in the vicinity of the Serbian city of Pirot.

Recall that on 20 October 1944, troops of the 57th army of the 3rd Ukrainian front and the soldiers of the national liberation army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) from the Nazi invaders was the liberation of Belgrade, which had for Germany, the most important strategic importance in the Balkans. The bloody battle for the city lasted seven days.

“the Task of liberation of Belgrade was accomplished through the skillful interaction of troops of the red Army and the military units of the Yugoslav army, the skill of the commanders and mass heroism of the personnel, – emphasized in a recently published materials of the Ministry of defense of Russia. – Belgrade residents enthusiastically greeted the liberators from Nazi invaders and with indignation talked about the terrible bloody crimes of the Germans, which they repaired in the city. For courage and heroism in battle, by Order of the Supreme Commander was thanked the troops involved in the liberation of Belgrade 20 October 1944 at 22 hours Moscow on behalf of the Motherland I salute of 24 artillery salvoes from 324 guns the gallant troops of the 3rd Ukrainian front and the national liberation army liberated the capital of Yugoslavia.”


Director of the Center for PRO in Serbia peacefulness Ilincic in conversation with the correspondent “RG” was told that “the Centre’s work represents just one small segment of the centuries-old and joint efforts of our peoples and two States in the conservation and development of bilateral relations in order to make this world better for all of us.” “On 17 October 2016, the official opening of the Centre by the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, and February 17, 2017 formed Board of Trustees of the Centre, headed by Dusan Batowice – said the scientist. – During this time we implemented numerous programs. Of particular value, in my opinion, demonstrated cognitive expedition and summer school, organized for students from Serbia to Russia, including in Crimea.”

Milincic outlined the fact that “this is only the beginning of our journey which will be long and dedicated to the convergence of youth, academic community, entrepreneurs and other people advocating the development of friendly relations between Serbia and Russia.” “We intend to expand its activities in Serbia and surrounding countries, planning to become a regional center, important in the Balkans and in Europe”, – said the Professor.

He also recalled that under the auspices of the PRO Centre in the Balkans are the summer practice for students from Russia, the exhibitions of photos of the annual contest “the Most beautiful country” and screenings of films made with the support of the Companies, working platform Geographical dictation PRO. While the tradition of such cooperation were laid over a century ago, when members of the Imperial Russian geographical society was the famous Serbian scientists: Vuk karadžić, the Balthasar Bogisich, Jovan cviic.