They stipulate that all the payments to the displaced employee in an organization should be produced prior to the completion of this liquidation in accordance with the civil legislation, said the Ministry of labor. So the statement is provided in the EGRUL (Unified state register of legal entities), must be confirmed by the fact that the exercise of all payments made to employees dismissed on this basis.

first of all liquidated the organization is obliged to pay the average monthly earnings during the period of employment and a lump sum compensation to dismissed workers, as required by section 6 of article 178 of the labour code, said the lawyer Julia Golovanova. And only then comes the turn to repay other obligations.

Payments to former employees of liquidated organizations can continue for three months, said the Ministry of labor. During this period, they will not receive unemployment benefits, but then if they can’t find a new job and receive status of unemployed, they will pay the corresponding benefit. At the same time the payment from the employer and unemployment benefits are not made, said the Agency.