Pandemic COVID-19 prompted Britons to buy houses outside the city. Real estate Agency, after the easing of quarantine may 13, record growth in such appeals. According to online aggregator Rightmove, the number of visitors to the site returned to decoratinga level of 5.2 million users a day. A number of online applications for 8-10% already exceeds the number of visits per week in early February.

“Most of the 700 customers who plan to purchase housing in the coming months, I intend to move to a larger home or to the suburbs”, – quotes RIA Novosti representatives of the Agency Savills.

According to experts, buy your house now and try young couples. Special demand of the residential squares in the areas of Wandsworth, Battersea and Islington. The residents of UK are not in a hurry to quickly conclude contracts. Most are waiting for lower prices in the market. Experts in this matter careful, they estimated a significant reduction in the cost of housing even after the lifting of quarantine should be expected. But short-term cost reduction by 5-10% – it probably is.