Recall conditions. Mortgage is intended for families from 1 January 2020, the child was born. And no matter what he in a row. Such families may qualify for lower interest rates on mortgages by 3%. Mandatory conditions for participation in this program are: the presence of Russian citizenship by both parents, and permanent registration in the Moscow region – at least one. In the suburbs must be born and registered and the toddler and select the accommodation can only be in the new building. “And another very important caveat – regional preferential mortgage cannot be combined with preferences for Federal mortgage program”, – said the Minister of housing policy of the Moscow region Inna Fedotova. That is, you cannot add or minus three percent at the regional program for the reduced rate of 6%, which issue mortgage loans to families with two children. To minyobates suburban three per cent will be from non-concessional Bank base rate.

But stressed Fedotov, preferential regional mortgage, you can refinance your current mortgage loan. Suppose you have a young family already have a mortgage under 9%. But if this family had recently had a baby, they will be able to benefit from the regional programme and reduce the percentage by three points. These three points will help them to save on the mortgage payments of about 1.5 million rubles. Similar conditions for solving housing issue for families with one child do not propose in any region of the country.

All the documents to obtain preferential mortgages can be submitted in electronic form. This can be done by registering a personal account on the geoportal of the Moscow region: