Opera singer Andrea Bocelli will perform in Milan's Cathedral

the fact that the concert of Andrea Bocelli still held, said in his daily video message to the people of Milan, the mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Sala. He said that in the building of the Cathedral will be one of the listeners, and the concert of Opera singer will be streamed on the Internet.

Photo: Daniil Kochetkov Russian Opera prize Casta Diva chose their winners

But still Andrea Bocelli will take a lot of courage. After all, the guard in front of the Cathedral is certainly present, and technicians who will carry out the stream, too, will come. That is some amount of risk still exists, unlike the speech of their home.

it is Not clear yet whether the tenor to accompany the musicians or he will perform a cappella?! Besides, Andrea is a blind singer, and then to the building of Milan Cathedral it will bring the driver. Yes, and some of the fans may make an attempt to greet the idol, despite the fact that Milan, and throughout Italy currently operates a state of Emergency.

But the Duomo is a unique, majestic and divine acoustics.

So Andrea Bocelli and decided to take this step to sing for Italians in Day of Catholic Easter! Support them, encourage them, complement the holiday atmosphere.

However, probably, the stream of his speech will be watched in many countries around the world! After all, spiritual music today, many of us needed more than ever!