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Ritchie Blackmore - the founder of Deep Purple and Rainbow is a musician, seems to be timeless. Today he is 75 years old. On 10 April he gave a concert - from home, in isolation, with his wife singer candice night
Diana Arbenina and "Night snipers" took the unusual premiere. Never before has the group not been removed an animated video. Moreover, the main character it became Diana Arbenina. However, drawn
Vyacheslav Butusov, presented his instrumental album, ChiaroScuro. Each of the 12 new songs dedicated to the masters of the Renaissance. About this and also about life in isolation, he told the "RG"
In day of Catholic Easter the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will give a concert of sacred music in Milan Cathedral. In the building of the Cathedral will be one of the listeners, and the concert of Opera singer will be broadcast on the Internet
Zemfira again decided to communicate with fans in social networks. She said that, too, is in isolation and even introduced your the in a protective mask. But most importantly, he talked about how recording her new Studio album
Popular singer Emin told the Explorer, "RG" on their duets, the first concert on the Internet and how the current situation has influenced modern pop music
New song Zemfira "Crimea" - melancholic and confessional ballad in which the singer is sad and sadly telling about himself and about his love under meditative guitar strumming. She became the fourth disc, on which Zemfira works in the autumn of 2018
Peter nalitch will give 9 APR Internet a free concert. During the preparation for the performance where the sounds and songs from recent album "Morra," the musician told the "RG" on how his life changed in isolation
On the final day, scheduled for may 16, Eurovision -2020 still be on the air. However, in an unusual format. And only on the official channel of the contest on YouTube.
American singer and guitarist Joe Diffie died in Nashville from complications caused by a coronavirus. "RG" recalls the path of the artist, on account of which many awards, including a Grammy
In connection with the pandemic in the fashion industry, many musicians are forced to cancel scheduled tours, moved the concerts online. First start a kind of musical marathon group "Bi-2", which attracted more than 2.5 million views online
The service "Yandex.Music" found that the average time of listening, as before, the routine is around 90 minutes and is slightly reduced at the weekend. At the same time 2/3 of the respondents are choosing music that will help them to cheer up
"Eurovision" this year will not take place. This message was waiting for a long time, but the European broadcasting Union decided to cancel the contest just now. But many questions still relevant
Musicians Little Big spoke after the cancellation of "Eurovision-2020". They called this move on the part of organizers of "the only correct decision in this situation" and thanked everyone who watched the clip and listened to the song UNO
Russian rock group "Bi-2" will play a free online concert to support their fans. The concert will be held on March 20, the band will perform songs included in the concert program tour NewBest
Ilya Prusikin proposed to rename the coronavirus and write from now on his name as CorUNOvirus. And all because the song with which the band Little Big is going to go to Eurovision in Rotterdam proved to be the true "viral hit"
Star of ethnic and avant-garde music Bjork will present to Russia the new program Bjork Orchestra. The main idea of this tour is to serve each country with its best classical musicians

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