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The São João 2024 festival in Bananeiras, located in the Brejo region of Paraíba, kicked off on Friday, June 14th. This event is known as one of the most traditional June festivities in the state and will feature performances...
Ritchie Blackmore - the founder of Deep Purple and Rainbow is a musician, seems to be timeless. Today he is 75 years old. On 10 April he gave a concert - from home, in isolation, with his wife singer candice night
Box set "Tchaikovsky-2020" is a unique new project dedicated to the 180th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian composer. The idea of creation belongs to the State Symphony orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan and its leader Alexander Sladkovsky
Self-isolation is a good time to do those things that in normal mode, not enough time, said the conductor Felix Korobov. About the changed plans and old dreams, about the value of "voluntary confinement" and the way of salvation in it, he told the "RG"
Diana Arbenina and "Night snipers" took the unusual premiere. Never before has the group not been removed an animated video. Moreover, the main character it became Diana Arbenina. However, drawn

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Uterine Autotransplant After Cancer: Preserving Fertility in Spanish Women

Rebeca Delgado, a 36-year-old Spanish woman, faced a difficult diagnosis when she was told that her locally advanced colorectal cancer required chemotherapy and radiotherapy...