In these corona-times, there are many celebrities who are doing charity concerts or donate large sums of money to research or combat the virus, which is ravaging the world.

this is Why it also decreased some people of your chest, that ‘Beverley Hills 90210’star Tori Spelling has chosen to take 95 dollars for a virtual meeting with her.

the Price, which corresponds to more than 650 Danish kroner, to get people to the keys. There are several angry followers, who have commented kendissens advertising on Instagram, writes the Daily Mail.

“For f…., people die, and you still think how to make money on us,’ says an indignant Instagram user.

‘of Course, the price is 95 dollars, for during a pandemic, we have all the kind of the profits. Where the bummer,’ says the other.

Tori Spelling tells in its supply of møderunder with fans that she only has twenty seats, so if you want to meet her, you have to stick to.

In this offer you get a live session with the star, where you can take virtual selfies with her, and then you can subsequently download the call.

For people who have followed the star in the media, it will probably not come as a surprise that He is looking for ways to make money on.

She owes namely, together with her husband, Dean McDermott, a sum of more than 89,000 dollars, equivalent to more than 600,000 Danish kroner to a credit card company.

And it is reportedly just one of a number of debts, which the couple have.

When Tori Spelling’s managed to fill all twenty holes out, then she will earn a days ‘ salary on the 1900 u.s. dollars, which is equivalent to 13,000 Danish kroner.

the Talks are scheduled to take place 10. april.