Because of the pathologies of the US President Donald Trump should resign, said his niece Mary trump.

In the United States, published a book of Mary trump “Too much is never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world” (Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man). The author has a doctorate in clinical psychology, reports TASS.

She said that Donald trump grew up in conditions that deprived him of the ability to empathize, and also cut off his connection to the real world. She saw the President of the United States “all nine clinical signs of narcissism”.

In her opinion, “pathology is Donald such a complex character, and his behavior is sometimes so inexplicable that in order to make an accurate and reliable diagnosis would require carrying out a set of psychological and neurophysiological tests, which he will never agree”.

Mary trump said that the President of the United States “is always small, and it goes far beyond the usual narcissism”. Donald trump, in her words, “not just a weak character”, his “ego is very fragile and constantly needs something to eat.” She believes that “deep inside he is aware that is not what wants to appear.” As a result, the President of the United States can not be sensible to look at things.

Father of Donald trump, Frederick, Mary trump considers a sociopath, which restricted “access Donald to his senses and called them often unacceptable.” He “distorted perception of the world and the son broke his ability to exist in it.” In this case, “money and influence of the father,” allows the US President not to doubt self-worth. He “most of my adult life existed in a clearly defined framework”, similar closed conditions are created for trump in the White house.

Frederick trump was disappointed in the father of Mary trump Fred Jr. and put forces and means in the development of Donald, which strengthened in the consciousness of their own superiority, says the niece of the President.

Mary trump says that Donald trump did not visit his brother, who was in a dying condition, and “went to the movies, leaving him to die alone.” If Donald trump “can derive any benefit from someone’s death, it certainly will simplify this process and later will ignore the fact of death,” she said, adding that the President of the United States “boasts rising stock market indices”, while “thousands of Americans die alone”.

Mary trump says that the sister of US President Maryanne trump Barry called him a “clown,” a person without principles, who “five times was bankrupt”.

In an interview with ABC, Mary trump said that the US President should resign from the highest office because “it’s dangerous to let him” leadth country. She believes that the current head of state, even his own wife and children turned into puppets.

Recall, she spoke about the complex relationship of the tramp with his father. Mary accuses Donald trump and Fred Trump’s involvement in the death of her father, Fred trump Jr., who suffered from alcoholism and died in 1981 at the age of 42 after a heart attack.