The US President Donald trump said that the European Union was created to benefit from the United States.

"don’t forget, we’re competing with China and many other countries around the world. We are in a huge economic race with other countries, including Europe, which is never good to us did not belong," said trump at a press conference in the White house.

"the European Union was created in order to benefit from the United States, it formed to take advantage of US, I know it", – said the American leader.

The US President has not provided specific examples to prove his position.

When trump, the United States entered into a trade war not only with China but also countries of the European Union. So, last week, the US announced the introduction of 6 January 2021 25-percent tariffs on goods from France with a volume of $ 1.3 billion. Washington made the decision on imposition of duties in response to the so-called digital tax, French tax law on services of the largest digital companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. This law has caused strong criticism from the United States.