Alexander Nevzorov believes that the main culprit of the scandal captured in Belorussia Russians is Zakhar Prilepin. About this journalist said in the latest issue of its author’s program “on the Spot”.

So, Prilepin has confirmed that among the captured in Belorussia Russians there are those who served in his battalion in the Donbass. This information Nevzorov and called “stupidity”, which framed the PMC soldiers, writes URA.RU.

After seeing the TV of the person captured by the fighters of the private military company, he yelled across the country: “It is they, my friends-criminals from Donbass!”/ — irony of Prilepina Nevzorov.

The journalist believes that the way Prilepin wanted to remind you that he also “real Debaser”, but it only managed to “expose all.”

And if Prilepin has not spoken, “the soldiers would stretch and then let go” continues to sneer Nevzorov. Also, the journalist believes that the cause of the incident may be something that the men of CWO in Belarus, the “go system” and did everything “as a team” — that is why they became suspicious.

Then there would be arrests, an international incident and next of shame Lukashenko. The owner of the PMCs need to work with their contingent — sums up the journalist.

Earlier reported that the Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov said that Belarus begin to openly entice him into “the game against Russia”. So he responded to the invitation of foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei at the meeting of the diplomats of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.