The Ministry of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not let the Russian military doctors in the country, despite the invitation of the government. Before arrival of physicians the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina briefed the Ministry of security of the country with a note from the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

"In that note verbale requested permission to enter the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) for a 24-member medical team and five experts NBC for disinfection of Mostar, they had to do on the request of the Chairman of Presidium big (collective governing body) Dragan Covic. The Minister of security of BiH did not allow the border police miss military ambulance convoy at the border, the question was directed to the big" — gave the press service of the Ministry of security in TASS.

Earlier reported that a convoy of 25 Russian specialists with medical aid was sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina on 1 may 2020. The group included two medical and nursing teams and four of the calculation of divisions of troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection.