Russian film Director Nikita Mikhalkov believes that the American billionaire founder of Microsoft bill gates intends to microchip humanity. In the new edition of the program “Besogon TV” Mikhalkov showed the patent number WO/2020/060606 who registered based gates company engaged in the vaccine for the coronavirus.

Mikhalkov noted that the firm American businessman is going to implant into the human body chip that will play the role of the Supervisory authority on the subject of “compliance of characteristics of daily activity for some cryptocurrency”, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. “The overall objective is the reduction of humanity, too much consuming and consuming oxygen, food and everything else,” says the Director.

Mikhalkov drew attention to the number of a patent that is similar to that described in the Bible the “number of the beast”. “- Guards is “060606”, — said Mikhalkov.

Earlier edition of the New York Times wrote that bill gates could be involved in the creation of a coronavirus. Supposedly a billionaire wants to capitalize on the production of a vaccine. In turn, the Microsoft founder called on Western countries not to seek to blame for the pandemic, and focus on cooperation for the common good, wrote RT. He stated that to return to “normal life” the world will be able only through one or two years.