Save the courage and determination to make a reality the most cherished dreams, and wished the youth Day young men and young women of Belarus the head of state, reports his press-service.

In his welcoming address Alexander Lukashenko called the youth “the most wonderful time”, filled with hopes and Grand plans.

“Time of first love, finding true friends, career choices and life priorities, – stated the Belarusian leader. – You were born and grew up in independent Belarus, which was created and built as a state where people of great wisdom and unity based on law and justice, esteem the world, respect their history and experience of previous generations.”

the fate of people, the President said, defines youth: she gives for the good of the Motherland, the talents and the energy it craves excellence and innovation, are ready to improve any technical solutions and looking to the future with optimism.

Therefore, in his words, “numerous state programs aimed at improving the quality of education, support of young families, assistance to gifted young men and women, have always been and remain the best investment in the future of his beloved Belarus.”

the Head of state wished the new generation to maintain the determination and enthusiasm to make a reality the most cherished dreams.

“Be successful and happy in their native land”, – admonished Lukashenko.