Recall, the theme of social security occupies the first place in the difficult quarantine time.

this week, according to Kuznetsova, in the office of the Commissioner appealed 3 620 applicants. Children’s Ombudsman said that our citizens are asking for help in obtaining benefits.

“Either failed by themselves or make mistakes, and registration is delayed,” – says the treatment of Anna Kuznetsova. She notes that “the main reason continues to be bureaucratic and the reluctance to delve into the problems of those on the ground engaged in registration benefits.”

the Commissioner also said that requests to increase the age of recipients of lump-sum payment of 10 000 rubles to 18 years becoming more and more.

We have addressed this issue in the Government – reminded Anna Kuznetsova. – Our letter was sent to the supervising Ministry – the Ministry of labour, which, unfortunately, did not support our proposal. Their arguments related to the possibility of the employment of children under 16 years, of course, we can not arrange. Thousands of requests of citizens remain unanswered. I note that the Council of the Federation in the State Duma the idea of the extension of payments supported. But the solution now found in the regions. Some regional leaders have identified payments to 16 to 18 years of age at the local level. And, of course, this decision should be supported and spread.

Another issue that worries of parents in distance learning. The children’s Ombudsman has noted an unprecedented surge of collective complaints from parents of pupils and students who are concerned about the issue of amending governing distance learning.

– thousands of applicants signed similar requests, says Anna Kuznetsova. – Of course, first of all I would like to reassure parents amendments on the remote control are only the regulation of the conduct of the process of distance education and not in any way imply the imposition of it on a regular basis. In this position we stand, this was said by the President of Russia informed. Last week, the Ministry of education has already announced the plans: new academic year will start in regular, full-time mode from September 1.