not strong Enough, according to Alexander Lukashenko, look yet prepared by the expert group updated the options of the Basic law. In this the President was forced to admit, speaking on June 26 to labor collective of Belaruskali, reports his press-service.

“a Few options already offered me, but they do not fit. People are just afraid to make more drastic changes to the Constitution. I think we need it to do. Even before its adoption, we do a lot in terms of subsidiarity to the presidents of Executive committees, the Governor,” – said the Belarusian leader.

At the same time he warned against any attempt to return to the Constitution of 1994. “This is a move ago,” earnestly said the President.

Lukashenko assured the workforce that the changes in Belarus are necessary, but they are, said the head of state, must begin and go in a civilized manner, starting from the Constitution. “We will go quietly on the principle of the development of “Belkaliy”: if we see that they can invest a penny and get two, we will invest. I’m not going to break through to the knee”, – concluded the Belarusian leader.