In Vologda, on Friday, the eve of the city Day has rewarded residents who are in emergency situations showed the best human qualities. Among them, a five – year Xenia.

This girl had saved his younger brother from the burning apartment. She knocked the glass in the window and at first helped to jump brother from the third floor, and then climbed herself. At the bottom they caught the workers who repaired another building and heard the children screaming. First they tried to find a blanket, but failed. And then decided to catch the toddler in his arms.

As written in their group in the social network Vologda region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov, the workers immediately rushed to the rescue and saved the children. For their dedication and teamwork they are worthy of awards.

As she told Xenia, grandfather extinguished the fire, and he and his brother jumped down. “Downstairs we caught uncles,” said the girl.