Dodik thanked Russia for helping the RS in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection, attention to the situation in the Balkans, as well as the upholding of truth in the interpretation of certain historical events. “It was a great opportunity after the epidemic of the coronavirus to make sure that the Russian side is for us a great friend, and representing her people well understand the current situation and behave in such a way as not to harm others,” – stated the politician.

Cvijanovic after the talks expressed hope for further strengthening of economic cooperation with Moscow. “For the Republic of Srpska is extremely important to have such a strong partner such as the Russian Federation,” she said, adding that she had the opportunity to thank Russia and its representatives in the backlog position of RS in the UN security Council and the Dayton peace accords.

“We are grateful to Lavrov, because Russia has made for the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation for the support of the UN security Council and help in the fight against COVID-19”, – said Viscovich.

foreign Minister of Russia, in particular, during the meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic discussed the prospects of development of the situation in the Balkans in the context of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Dayton peace accords for Bosnia and Herzegovina and several other events. “We and our Serbian friends agree that in this situation we will strongly oppose attempts to review those decisions, said Lavrov. – This will go in line with the efforts that some of our colleagues in this region undertake with the aim to rewrite history. We will not tolerate any attempts to rewrite the history of the Second world war nor the events that took place in the Balkans 25 years ago. We will do everything to defend such approaches, which would not infringe upon the interests of Serbia. This country plays an important and positive role in ensuring this stage of peace and stability in the region. Once again, thank our Serbian friends for their hospitality and a very useful joint work.”

meanwhile, in the above the meeting was attended by Russian Ambassador to BiH Petr Ivantsov, who earlier in an exclusive interview to “the Russian newspaper” highlighted the special relations of Moscow with the Republic of Srpska. “Here we have provided the highest level of trust, our relations are truly user friendly, even brotherly in nature, what we appreciate and what treasure, – said a senior diplomat. Here is implemented a number of projects in economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres, we are working on new and interesting initiatives that takes our cooperation to a qualitatively new level. Traditionally, the intensive nature of politi��cal contacts between the local Serbian and Russian leadership, we will continue to encourage and expand. Not a hindrance to them, by the way, the current situation with coronavirus: the close relationship continues.”

it Should be noted that on June 24 at the Victory Parade in Moscow together with Milorad dodika will be present and his Advisor – the world famous Director Emir Kusturica, who at the personal invitation of Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will be the guest of honor of this momentous event.