The Minsk agreement was approved by a special resolution of the UN Security Council, so the actual Ukraine’s refusal from implementing them is an attack not on Russia, and the UN security Council, noted columnist REGNUM Mikhail Demurin on Tuesday, July 14, commenting on the statements of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

As previously reported, Dmitry Kuleba said that the Ukrainian authorities will not abide by the Minsk agreement mentions the Constitution “of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk region”, because it is unacceptable for Kiev.

“In connection with the Ukrainian foreign Minister about the attitude of Kiev to the Minsk agreement 2015, I want to recall a significant fact, which somehow began to fall out of the field of attention of experts and politicians, commenting on this subject. These agreements were approved by a special resolution of the UN Security Council.

Let me remind you, it was the year 2015 and talking about the fact that our nation has had in the UN with some special abilities that allowed her to push the necessary decisions through the Security Council, is not necessary. So, members of the UN security Council, primarily its permanent members, was behind this decision, for the introduction of the French and the German part of the sequence of actions in the settlement in Donbass.

So today, when our country insists on the implementation by Kiev of these agreements, it insists on the implementation that was approved by the UN Security Council. Conversely, when Kiev through its foreign Affairs Minister says the refusal to implement the “Minsk-2”, refusal to carry out the agreed policy reforms from which only depends on the consent of Donetsk and Lugansk, in principle, to talk about the continuation of your stay in the Ukraine, this is an attack not on Russia, and the UN, its Security Council.

The ceasefire in the Donbass, of course, must be provided, and here, too, the leading role should belong to Kiev. However, the DPR and LPR leadership has to understand, in what direction is the development of events, ended their struggle for a decent status, ensure their citizens ‘ rights to security and a decent life. Or rights are not secured, but the war continues?

In short, not only Donetsk and Lugansk is not only Russia expect from Kiev foreign policy solvency, they can expect the UN security Council. And authority nor Dmitry Kuleba, neither Zelensky any “points” not to interrupt,” said Mikhail Demurin.