Lev Money and Keti Topuria

the other day 33-year-old Keti Topuria stirred the Internet with a series of new photos in his instagram. It would seem that the soloist of group “A-Studio” captured in new photo regular meal at your favorite restaurant, but attentive subscribers saw in the pictures was something big and came to the conclusion that in a short time Topuriya is getting married.

the fact that the new series of pictures from the restaurant in the shot of the hand of the singer with a luxurious ring on the same finger. In the caption to the photo Topuria admitted that she loves to eat, however, many followers decided that actually she wanted to hint them is another thing.

Keti Topuria

Many felt that the ring on the ring finger looks suspiciously like an engagement, and suggested that not so long ago, beloved Katy, a 36-year-old Leo Money, made her an offer of marriage. Not so long ago, because in all his previous pictures and the recent birthday of Svetlana Kuznetsova Topuria appears without a new elegant accessory.

Wow, what a ring!

what about the ring? Wedding?

Pictures are not about eating, but about the ring

— have expressed their interest subscribers in the comments.

Topuria to the questions of the followers did not answer, and instead, has managed to publish a new picture, which also posing with the new ring on his hand. In the comments again showered with questions from subscribers about the forthcoming wedding and also their assumptions that the singer is expecting a child, but is keeping this secret. By the way, the rumors about the pregnancy of Katie began to walk in the network even after the birth of her daughter Olivia, where the star appeared in a black dress and a boxy fit.

Recall that on the novel ex-lover rapper Guf and businessman Lev Money began last fall. Then Katie posted on instagram a photo with her boyfriend, confessing her love for him. It was later revealed that the man from the photo was lion Money, who heads the Russian contact group on inter-Libyan settlement.

Before meeting with Kathy Leo was married twice. In the first marriage he had a son Leonid, and the second daughter, who died 9 months after she was vaccinated. The second ex-wife of Leo, Irene has Cancer, is told in the program “let’s get married!”, the husband left her as soon as I heard that the baby will not survive.

Katy Topuria and Lev Money

by the Way, in the past Leo wore a very different name — his name was Paul Husband. Under this name the Money had to try himself on stage. In 2005 beloved Topuria began to speak in the Belarusian group “Arbat”, a major hit which was the song “blue-Eyed”. First, the group has made great strides, but soon the lion (and the t��t the time of Paul) had to leave the band due to irreconcilable differences.

the quarantine, judging by the photos and videos in tape and storis Katie Topuria, the star spent with her lover and his daughter from his marriage with ex-husband Leo Gamanam. By the way, even at the beginning of their love affair with Money Katie admitted that really happy, really believes in this relationship and in the near future, dreams of a big family.