It became known about the distribution of the three types of coronavirus

Scientists said about the spread of the world three types of coronavirus. This became known edition of Daily Mail.

After analyzing the genetic history of the virus, the researchers from Cambridge came to the conclusion that it’s mutated over time, distribution around the world.

The original type of virus that entered human beings were the most common in Australia and the USA. Scientists call it “type A”. He later mutated into “type B”, which caused the epidemic in China. The inhabitants of Europe more common “type C”, which is a child from the “type”. Scientists emphasize that the coronavirus continues to mutate.

Earlier it was reported that scientists at the Institute of fundamental Sciences in South Korea analyzed the complete RNA genome of SARS-CoV-2 and made a detailed map of the genes. Their further study will help to determine the life cycle of the virus and to develop methods of dealing with it.

According to the latest data, with coronavirus, the world has infected 1.7 million people. Over 100 thousand died.