In Ukraine announced a plan to exit quarantine in July

A two-stage strategy of Ukraine out of the quarantine period from early may to early July announced the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal. The video of his speech on air of TV channel “Ukraine” is published on YouTube.

He promised that after three or four weeks will be released a more detailed plan, which now runs the government.

“In it and vacation credit, and refinancing loans, support the poor and unemployed,” — said Smigel.

According to the strategy, the first phase of exit from the quarantine — “Ukraine is on the job” — designed at the beginning of may-beginning of June. He suggests creating 500 thousand jobs, credit, business support, partial removal of restrictions on the work of public transport and shifts in work schedule.

The second stage — “the New standards of social life” — determined at the beginning of June-beginning of July, when do you plan to finish the school year, to restore public transport to allow to visit recreational areas, as well as to reduce the isolation for older people.

Smigel stressed that while Ukraine must adhere to the state of emergency to pass an epidemic in the optimistic scenario, with GDP falling to 5 percent, not pessimistic, in which the decline is estimated at 15 percent.

According to recent data, in Ukraine, the coronavirus has infected 2511 people. Total number infected with virus SARS-CoV-2 in the world exceeded 1.7 million, 103 thousand died, and 378 thousand have recovered.