The Israeli intelligence Agency “Mossad” broke the conspiracy of attacks on several Israeli embassies. This publication reports The Times of Israel, citing a report on channel 12.

According to the channel, the conspiracy was planned by Iran. It is noted that the object of the attack was to speak to the Embassy of the country in Europe and around the world. Despite the fact that the Israeli authorities have censored a list of specific countries that were to be the attacks, a news channel said that the cooperation with these countries helped to prevent attacks.

Channel 12 did not disclose other details of the plot, the sources of information have also not been named. Iran, in turn, at the moment has not commented on the alleged conspiracy.

In 2012, after the attack on the Israeli diplomatic representatives in India and Georgia, Israel has accused the Islamic Republic in a similar pattern of action, but Tehran denied any involvement in the events. In the media there were assumptions that the terrorist attacks against Israelis could be caused by the murder in January 2012, Iranian nuclear scientist, which Iran has blamed Israel.

TV report followed on the background of rumors in the media that Israel in early July, has carried out large-scale sabotage at a nuclear facility in Natanz in the Iranian province of Isfahan, with the result that there was an explosion and the fire started.

About the explosion at the nuclear facility became known on July 2. After in a press there were messages about the fire, of the atomic energy Organization of Iran, without going into details, he said that the object was some kind of incident. The city authorities have only confirmed that there was a fire. Officials assured that the work on the object, despite the state of emergency, did not stop.