BEIRUT, may 3 – RIA Novosti. Iraqi militia, “Hashed al-SHAABI”, said that repulsed the attack of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* in the East of the province of Salah-ed-DIN, eliminating four fighters.

“the Strength of the 21st brigade “Hashed al-SHAABI” reflected tonight the attack and forced to flee Islamic state terrorists* in the district of al-ACE in the East of Salah al-DIN,” – said in a statement.

it is Noted that the militia “eliminated Sunday four Islamic state terrorists who tried to attack the position of brigade in the East of Salah-ed-DIN.”

on Saturday the press service of the security of Iraq claimed the attack Islamic state terrorists on the stronghold of the 35th brigade of the Shiite militias in the province of Salah-ed-DIN, in which were killed nine soldiers of the “Hashed al-SHAABI”.*A terrorist organization banned in Russia