MOSCOW, may 3 – RIA Novosti. Students of the Moscow theological Academy (MDA) has recorded a video message in which he asked the Russians to observe the rules of isolation and recommended by doctors precautions.

At the Academy on March 18, introduced the quarantine regime. The students of MDA was dissolved at the place of residence. On campus, only those students who for various reasons are unable to return home. Basically, it’s the students.

“we Ask everyone to hear the call of the doctors who risk their lives for us. Please observe the rules of isolation and the recommended precautions. Don’t risk your life in vain, do not expose to risk the people around you. Stay home, show responsibility for themselves and others,” – said in a video posted on the channel HMM to Youtube.

HMM now still reside 136 people, including Academy staff in the area. All were tested for the presence of coronavirus infection. According to MDA, 52 persons test COVID-19 positive, 84 negative. Nine people were hospitalized and are being treated in hospital.

In his address, reminded the seminarians that the Russians are able to unite, leaving the heavy test winner.

“on 9 may we remember the heroism of our ancestors, the feat of struggle and unity. We are the descendants of the winners, the ability to fight and win is in our blood. Russia won the brown plague, wins and coronavirus infection. The main thing is to do it together to act as one… Stay home – stay alive”, – the statement reads.

In a press-service MDA noted that a timely decision on the dissolution of students by place of residence helped to avoid bad scenario. Moscow theological Academy and Seminary in Sergiev Posad – a leading institution of the Russian Orthodox Church.