India monitors the concentration of Chinese troops in Ladakh and also brought in more troops. This is with reference to its sources writes The Times of India.

“the Indian Army has deployed in the region with additional troops and weapons to prevent further intrusion of China into Indian territory in the strategically important area of Dapsang-Bulge,” – said the knowledgeable source.

According to the publication, in Ladakh was transferred three Indian infantry division, about 10-12 thousand soldiers each, as well as tanks and artillery. There are regular overflights of the territory.

At the same time, China also deployed in the border area, along the line of actual control in Ladakh, motorized rifle and mechanized divisions, according to the article.

Rambler wrote that relations between India and China escalated after the border incident in Ladakh killed Indian soldiers. The death of the Indian leaders named “deliberate and planned action” and warned Beijing about the possible consequences. On 23 June, the countries agreed to take steps to reduce tensions in the border areas.