Mikhail Efremov

Since the terrible accident with a fatal outcome, the culprit of which was a 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov, it’s been two and a half weeks. Now the actor, whose blood after the accident had traces of alcohol and drugs, is under house arrest, waiting for court session, scheduled for 9 August.

According to the lawyer Efremova Elman Pashayev, yesterday, Michael suffered a heart attack. It happened on the anniversary of the death of Ephraim’s mother Alla Pokrovskaya, who died a year ago. From medical assistance, the actor refused.

Relatives of the actor wanted to ask the investigator to allow Ephraim to go to the grave of his mother, but he refused to leave the apartment even for this good cause. As stated by Elman Pashayev, the actor is now in a depressed state.

He feels very strongly about and have already lost six pounds, eats very little, sleeps badly,

— said in an interview to “echo of Moscow” lawyer Ephraim.

however, he denied earlier appeared information in the press about the attempt of the actor to commit suicide.

In a statement issued four days after the accident, Yefremov said that will provide all necessary financial assistance to the family of 57-year-old deceased Sergei Zakharov, and yesterday it became known that the actor expressed his desire to adopt his children.

People are willing to help children. He is ready even to adopt them to provide a decent life

— said Pashayev.

19-year-old daughter Michael Anne-Marie from the decision of the father was not happy to come and publicly wrote about it in social networks.

Bat, well, where we have more children?

she said.

Mikhail Efremov with his daughter Anna-Maria

Yesterday she appealed to followers on instagram and made a statement.

father communicate. Holds more or less. Sorry. Repents. Gave him your messages of support as much. About the investigation on YouTube, he knows. His lawyer does too. For me personally, these investigations would-be conspiracy theorists incredibly annoying. Don’t send them, please. The choice of a lawyer I can not influence. God, I do not believe it, but your prayers to the father give. I do not believe in spirituality — please do not offer me your services, hand reading, karma and the Natal chart. Do not expose yourself idiots. My opinion on the situation alone until better times. I don’t want to ponderal bad wording for the title. br>
Account of his father on Instagram at the moment closed. If you see that someone is impersonating him — send complaints to tech support as it could be ransomware. Just remember that there are fan accounts. A public in VK “free Mikhail Efremov,” I condemn it, because they said that supposedly helped me to prepare a statement to journalists from NTV, to��who was stalking me. I’m with the administration of the public were not contacted and not contacted, and especially no contact with their non-existent lawyers. Plus I was told that it is the same person that leads the public “the Freedom of Sokolov”. If I didn’t reply to you Direct not angry, I’m just tired and I difficult to communicate with people in General (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.)

she wrote.

Mikhail Efremov threatens from five till 12 years of imprisonment.