In Serbia the Russian experts had disinfected a military training center

BELGRADE (Serbia), April 20 – RIA Novosti. Russian and Serbian specialists NBC disinfected military training center named after General Paul urisa Assault in the city of Pozarevac, said the defense Ministry.

the Minister of defence of Serbia Alexander Wulin, whose words are reported, noted that to date, the Russian military conducted more than 80 disinfection measures, and physicians have performed more than hundreds of different trips.

“They have shared with us their experiences and very often substitute our doctors in the most dangerous areas of work, and thus helped not only patients but also our doctors. Their support and help means a lot to us! They show us a perfect example of how important they are, how they are loyal and patient, and that for them there are no unsolvable problems,” said Wulin.

it is Noted that the joint work of the Russian-Serbian calculations significantly increased the rate of disinfection. Per day the treated object 21 in the cities of Pozarevac, Smederevo, Novi Pazar and NIS.

in addition, two medical and nursing teams took part in the examination and treatment of 32 patients with COVID-19, in the hospitals of cities Cuprija, Novi Pazar and Smederevo.

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