In Syria the militants stole gold jewelry from archaeological excavations

TEL MARDIKH (Syria), 21 Feb – RIA Novosti. The militants who equipped an training camp in the excavations of the ancient city of Ebla in Syria, kidnapped dozens of gold and stone products, it is possible that they went there on a tip from traders, ancient values, told journalists the Director of Department of culture of the province of Hama Khazer Ilulu.

Ebla was the capital of a powerful state that existed in the III-II millennia BC. In the days of his power Ebla was occupied almost the entire territory of modern Syria, and its capital lived up to 30 thousand people. The capital of the Kingdom located 53 kilometers South-West of modern Aleppo. Next to the excavations of the Letter is the modern village of tell-Mardikh, until recently, the former under the authority of the insurgents. The extremists brutally placed directly on the ruins of a Letter his training camp with an obstacle course and shooting ranges.

the Museum under the open sky Ebla older than the other treasures of Syria – Palmyra. The excavations of the Letter was launched in 60-ies of the last century, Italian scientists, research allowed to collect a rich archive. However, in recent years because of the military actions in Syria research was suspended, and after the capture by terrorists of the settlement and almost completely destroyed.

the Militants have arranged for the excavation of the ancient settlement camp with an obstacle course for training and strengthening. “Here was the base and headquarters, and training ground and shelter for the equipment. A military town at 1,5 thousand people. And armored vehicles and pickups they are buried in the ground. They chose this place because it’s closed on all sides by ramparts and you can hide,” – said the representative of the Syrian army.

Now at the site – shells, including foreign production, abandoned pickups and armored vehicles. “Here underground cave, which was used by militants. Then something exploded, and the ceiling of the cave collapsed. It’s a long tunnel: from the other side of his start, and there may be mid. Length – about 250 meters,” – said the Syrian military.

However, he said, to help in this matter can Italian experts. “All the information about the Ebla stored them in the archives. Architects can come to us and help in the restoration of the ancient city,” said the Hazer Ilulu. Also, according to him, the Syrian scientists are counting on the support of Russian specialists.

soon the archaeological monument will check the sappers, and may take place after expedition to explore the issue of restoration of the monument. “I haven’t been to Ebla after the liberation, but at the first opportunity will go there. It is very important to understand the condition of the excavation… of Course, she’s not as famous as Palmyra. But Ebla is the cradle of the Syrian civilization,” – said the Director of the National Museum of Aleppo Ahmad Osman.