Belarusian television showed a recording of the interrogation in the KGB Yury Voskresensky, the coordinator of the electoral headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko in the Pervomaisky district of Minsk. Resurrection, which in the story is called the organizer of the protests, the camera repented in connection with the “Moscow puppet masters”. Video is available on the website

The resurrection says that in June it “through Facebook came Moscow political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets” who then presented the resurrection to his colleague Andrei Suzdaltsev. They offered to continue the dialogue “to examine the socio-political situation in Belarus.”

Ally Babariko said that in August Bolkunets invited him to another meeting, “saluted” connections with the head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller, and “expressed the intention to destabilize the political situation in Belarus on the eve of elections”.

“He got at the meeting on 30 thousand roubles from personal means with the words "this is a democracy" and advised them to pass for the purchase of laser pointers,” said the resurrection and explained that pointers had to Shine in the security forces.

The detainee says that he accepted the money, but on 12 August realized that the protests “turn into total uncontrollable chaos”, and came to surrender to the KGB.

“I realized that I used as pawns, in the dark, Moscow puppeteers”, he added and urged the youth not to participate in the protests.

People who personally know the resurrection, say that his speech on the video has been slowed down and sounds strange, writes

In Belarus five days there were protests over the official results of the presidential elections, according to which Alexander Lukashenko won 80 percent. Babariko was arrested in June and charged with the withdrawal of large sums abroad. Authorities said that for him are “puppeteers” of “Gazprom”.