The continuing decline in the spread of the new coronavirus in Belgium allows you to begin a gradual easing of the isolation, said the official representative of the crisis headquarters for combating coronavirus Benoit Ramacker.

"Presented today demonstrates that there is a tendency to decline. This is important because now we can start to mitigate some enhancements next Monday," said the Belgian representative at the press conference in Brussels.

At the same time, he said, to preserve the existing trends, more efforts are needed. "incidence Curve depends on our behavior", – said the representative of the crisis staff.

He added that "fully in the coming months, this virus will not go away, and society will have to live with it".

According to the crisis staff, the number of cases of coronavirus in Belgium for the last day amounted to 647 people died, 134 people with a confirmed diagnosis or suspicion of coronavirus.

Thus, the total number of cases since the beginning of the outbreak in mid-March now stands at 47 334 total number who died – 7331 (including all confirmed and suspected cases).

Doctors tend to lower the number of hospital patients, hospitalized with coronavirus. Over the past 24 hours recorded 123 new admissions (the day before it was reported 127 hospitalized).

In Belgium the epidemic of the coronavirus until may 3, there are measures of social exclusion. The doctors said that the country is April 12, has overcome the peak of death from the new virus, there is a tendency for a decrease in the number of "heavy" patients and General hospital patients. The experts say that today only less than 3% of the population have immunity to coronavirus and precautions, particularly the wearing of masks will have to continue after the lifting of movement restrictions.

On may 4, the country plans to begin a phase-out measures of isolation.

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