Blogger Sergei tikhanovski, planned to participate in the elections of the President of Belarus, was detained in Hrodna. Reports about it “Sputnik Belarus”.

The incident occurred during the collection of signatures in favor of his wife blogger Svetlana. Due to administrative arrest Sergei Tikhanovski failed to register the initiative group to collect signatures in support of his nomination as a presidential candidate. The blogger was not able to personally sign the documents for submission to the CEC. In this regard, the initiative group was registered in his wife, and now she’s running for President. Tikhanovski is head of its initiative group.

According to the newspaper, the picket, there was a conflict, which injured a law enforcement officer. The result tikhanovski was detained by riot police. The minibus in which the blogger was going to take to the police station, surrounded by locals, trying to prevent the car to leave.

Tikhanovski — author of the Youtube channel “Country life”. On may 6, he was detained for participation in unauthorized meeting on 20 December 2019. The corresponding decree of the court rendered on 10 January 2020. May 9 tikhanovski announced the decision to participate in presidential elections.

On 19 April President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the upcoming 2020 presidential elections will be fair and decent.

Planned for the current year election of the President of Belarus, according to information on the website of the Central Commission for elections and referenda shall be held not later than August 30.

Stretch Lukashenko is President of Belarus since July 1994. Now comes his fifth presidential term, which will expire in 2020. On elections of the President in 2001, 2006, 2010 and 2015 he scored at least 75 percent of the vote. His sons Viktor and Dmitry held high public office in the Belarusian power system.

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