On Saturday, may 30, celebrated the Spring holiday in the UK and the Day of St. Joan of Arc (Catholic). This day was born the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and died actress Lyudmila Makarova.

The day before, on may 29, wrote “the Rambler”, was international day of UN peacekeepers, the world day for healthy digestion and the Day of military motorist Russia.

In the folk calendar of the Slavs may 30 – Serpentine, Isaac. It is believed that at this time the snake crawl to snake wedding.

May 30, Persia sent the first time the Russian Embassy (1594), published the first French newspaper La Gazette (1631), there was a stampede on the Khodynka field in Moscow (1896), the world first saw the structural model of DNA – the double helix (1953), first published the program “rush Hour” Vladislav Listyev (1994), Russia has issued a hundred-thousandth of a bill (1995).

Born may 30, engineer, founder of strength of materials Peter Sobko (1819), jeweler, Carl Faberge (1846), pianist-educator Elena gnessina (1874), American film Director Franklin Shaffner (1920), cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (1934), the actor Alexander Demyanenko (1937), singer Roxana Babayan (1946), TV presenter Arina Sharapova (1961) and footballer Alexander Golovin (1996).

30 may died national heroine of France Joan of Arc (burned at the stake in 1431), French philosopher and writer Voltaire (1778), the writer Boris Pasternak (1960), hockey player Yevgeny Mishakov (2007) and actress Lyudmila Makarova (2014).