French vets first spotted the coronavirus in domestic cats, which he presumably passed on from the owner, who was previously diagnosed with this infection. It is reported by the national alfora veterinary school (ENVA).

"Mixed team virological studies revealed the first cat carrier SARS-CoV-2 in France. As in other confirmed cases in other countries, cat has lived with a person infected COVID-19 (coronavirus caused by the disease – approx. TASS)", – reads the statement of the organization.

Called the main symptom of coronavirus

Experts ENVA, Agency for sanitary safety (Anses) and the National Institute for agricultural research (Inrae) in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute conducted tests for coronavirus among domestic animals of several people in the capital region, which the doctors suspected infection with coronavirus. One of the tests taken, these cats were positive, while the animal was observed typical respiratory and digestive symptoms.

"This is the first study allowed to confirm the natural infection of cats in the country (near Paris), probably the owners. At this stage of the research can be judged that the transmitted virus is difficult [these animals], even in case of contact with infected owners, Рsaid in a communiqu̩. РHowever, to protect the family pet sick COVID-19 recommended to avoid direct contact with their cats to wear a mask in their presence and to wash their hands before they pet".

the Coronavirus and animals

According to the French authorities, since the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in France has died more than 24 thousand people. The number of confirmed infections in the country is about 130 thousand.

Previously in several countries, including Belgium, USA and China, there were cases of infection with coronavirus in domestic animals, including cats. On two farms in the Netherlands, the coronavirus has been found in burrows, the vets said they have problems with digestion and breathing. However, researchers believe that human infection from animals very unlikely.