Kim Jong-UN mysteriously disappeared for 20 days for PR of the DPRK. This version was nominated associate Professor of the Department of Oriental studies, MGIMO Ilya Dyachkov, reports RIA Novosti.

“the disappearance of the leader, which suddenly began to speak, has become such a way of bringing attention to themselves. And amazingly, the world press talked about it, a week did not go this news with speculation about what happened,” – said Diachkov.

According to him, because of the pandemic, the DPRK was left without attention. The “disappearance” of the leader helped to return the country to the global information agenda.

While a similar PR attempt, the Koreans have made in the past. For example, increased military activity in March-April.

The expert also noted that the absence of Kim Jong-UN at a ceremony in honor of the birthday of Kim Il-sung could be due to certain medical procedures.

But the main conclusion of exaggerated rumors about the “death” of the North Korean ruler –more can’t trust “reputable” and “serious” sources of the Western media.

Recall that in mid-April, Kim Jong-UN has not appeared at the celebration in honor of the home of his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il sung. Then the leader could not see 20 days.

In the Western press immediately assumed that Kim Jong-UN has died or is seriously ill. Citing sources, the media wrote that the leader of North Korea suffered a failed surgery and is in a “vegetative state”. The reason allegedly became frightened and trembling hands of the surgeon.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that Kim Jong-UN for the first time in 20 days appeared in public.