a Very awkward confusion happened the other day through the fault of the officers of the military counterintelligence of Germany. In the published draft of the report for 2019 Israel together with all the disputed territories around were painted in one colour with neighboring Jordan. It looked like the Jewish state in the middle East does not exist.

Of course, the head of the service Militärischer Abschirmdienst (MAD), Christoph Grams (Christof Gramm), had to apologize. According to the Associated Press, the inaccuracy of the map was made "in error and is caused by lack of diligence of the employees and the poor control" on the part of leadership. Was appointed internal audit in connection with this incident and its results, the Agency will be informed later.

Gram noted that one of the aims of MAD is to fight extremism and anti-Semitism. He also expressed the hope that any diplomatic consequences of this misunderstanding will not have. According to the first results of the trial, the incident was not intentional or related to a personal opinion of someone from staff. It is hoped that this will become just another historical anecdote, though on social networks and appeared record with a fairly sharp criticism made in the report of the error.

Soon the report will be released in a new edition, containing the revised map, it did not print it. However, the publication of the Jerusalem Post sent to the press-service of MAD has not commented on the request with clarification of circumstances of incident. The fact that initially, the Agency explained that the “original” performance map of the Middle East the fault of the software designer.