The Creator of the Belarusian high technology Park (HTP), Valery Tsepkalo stated intention to run for President of Belarus.

“I decided to run for President of the Republic of Belarus! I have enough for this and the managerial and life experience! Having serious contacts in political and business circles in different countries of the world, I will be able to use them for the benefit of the people of Belarus!” – wrote Tsepkalo in Facebook.

According to Tsepkalo “world revolution” in which “instead of a primitive "chain of command" new methods of organization of state and society based on partnership, cooperation and horizontal interaction”. However, Belarus remained aloof from global processes and continues to move in the opposite direction.

“Belarus is like a different planet with a different gravity. Tight atmosphere of stagnation, the lack of fresh air changes, the lack of light, beauty and smiles. Country living in the past, not the future. This stale air and the atmosphere of hopelessness is demoralizing the people, killing their optimism and creative enthusiasm”, he said.

Valery Tsepkalo from February 1997 to April 2002 he held the position of Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the United States and Mexico. From October 2005 to March 2017 was the Director of the Park of high technologies.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier on Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the house of representatives National Assembly of Belarus was the date of the presidential election. The vote will take place on 9 August 2020.