Ambassador for Arctic and Antarctic Affairs of the Finnish Foreign Ministry Petteri Vuorimaki called the condition for a constructive dialogue with Russia. According to him, cooperation in the Arctic provides a way for cooperation, despite emerging disagreements in other areas, reports TASS.

The diplomat stressed that the Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council is perhaps the most ambitious program of all time. In addition, a huge number of events are planned, which is why it is the busiest.

“I keep repeating that Arctic cooperation provides a path for constructive interaction with the largest Arctic state, the Russian Federation, despite difficulties in other areas,” Vuorimaki said, speaking at the Woodrow Wilson Research Center in Washington.

Earlier, a former employee of the Ministry of Finance and ex-member of the commission for the study of the northern region, Thomas Dance, in an article for The Hill, said that America is significantly inferior to Russia in the development of the Arctic. The former official added that the rapid development of the Arctic could bring Moscow huge revenues in the future and complained about the weak financing of developments in this region from Washington.