The orange face of former US President Donald Trump, with which he surprised the audience in May 2017, is not due to a tan in the solarium or an unsuccessful illumination during the shooting, but to the fact that he used … ladies’ powder. Former White House press Secretary Stephanie Grisham wrote about this in her new book.

As it turned out, during Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia in May 2017, the president’s personal assistant John McEntee forgot to take a makeup bag. The head of the White House did not go out in public without makeup, because his face seemed to him “too shiny”. And in the end, he had to go to the trick and ask for powder from the press secretary.

Then many people drew attention to the unnaturally yellow complexion of Trump and explained this by the appearance of a solarium in the White House. Trump himself complained about the light bulbs that distorted the color of his face. “The president’s appearance was formed with the help of cosmetics, which he applied to his face every morning, as if he were to appear on a TV show. Which, in a sense, was true,” writes Grisham, quoted by RIA Novosti.